PHP to Get Maximum out Of Web Development

Unleashing true technology and business value, PHP has boosted the capabilities of web application development companies all across the globe. This amazingly powerful platform does a great job of enticing developers to think bigger and better and develop applications that have no equal in the web development domain. There is a greater degree of performance and quality standards in the apps developed using PHP and this is the reason why with each passing day, the popularity of PHP is growing at a breakneck speed.

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PHP wasn’t always a preferred platform. When it started out, there were way too many limitations and issues with this platform. The coders found it extremely difficult to implement the exact features into the apps they were creating since the code structure was making it difficult for them to achieve their target in a yieldy fashion. However, as time progressed, the developer community and due to certain PHP development companies like Xicom Technologies started paying more attention to this platform since they realized that it has a lot of potential and made serious efforts to spruce the platform up. The last few years have seen influx of a slew of PHP frameworks that have take the development world by storm. The frameworks that are responsible for this turnaround include Laravel, Zend, Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony and many more.

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Each of these frameworks possesses special capabilities and a set of features that make them unrivaled in their own domain. With exceptionally rich set of features in each of theme frameworks, the developers have been able to fulfill their desires of creating unique and exclusive applications with utmost potency. The whole breadth of PHP applications is buoyed by the fact that there are upgrades and updates happening very frequently.

One thing that is common with all these frameworks is that all of them make it amazingly simple for the developers to create applications. In each of them, the process of writing codes in unwieldy and simple and it further encourages the developers from different experience level to take up PHP and perch themselves on the route to becoming the most sought-after developers around. As we see more and more advancements in this PHP, we can be rest assured that coding in the different frameworks will be made easier.

And it is not just the folks who have just begun with programming who are benefitted from the developer-friendliness of PHP. In fact, it is also the most skilled and experienced developers that leverage the platform to the best of its potential. The top-grade applications are a result of the simplified code structure of PHP because when the reputed and sought-after developers start using the platform to create the web apps, they are more easily enabled to elevate the apps’ feature set to greater heights and make them more exclusive.

The PHP extensions have amazing wherewithal to help developers break free of the typical constraints of programming. Because these extensions are pre-loaded with some top of the funnel features which have become a must in today’s dynamic times, the developers are free of the need to create long-winded codes in order to make their applications tailored to the trends and demands.

The security barriers of the web applications cannot be easily broken if they are made on PHP. The authentication features and encryption algorithms are robust enough to not let hackers intrude. With so much riding on a web application in terms of the business and reputation of the company, ensuring security is of utmost importance. And thanks to the security features of PHP, it is a breeze to inject assurance in your application.

With so many advantage and incentives to PHP development, picking it among the suite of options shouldn’t be a decision much too difficult.


Why PHP Despite a Truckload of Alternatives

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Boiling the web development application with features that haven’t been seen or observed before is a prospect that has become much more feasible today. There has been a uniqueness injected to the way software applications are developed today and this has given the developers of the world a capacity to come up with something new, something fresh. And when it comes to the most unique and most resourceful application development framework, PHP is a name that comes right on top.

PHP has unarguably created a stir in the way applications are being produced and perceived. There is a much greater degree of innovation and advancement in the field of app development and the various PHP frameworks can be seen as the biggest contributors to it. The PHP development service providers like Xicom Technologies have had a major contribution in making PHP so sought-aftre.

There are several PHP frameworks that have consistently flooded the market over the years. These frameworks include Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony and much more. Each of these framework is exclusive in its own right. But there are several common underlying factors to their usage and their benefits.

The set of PHP frameworks out there in the development market are growing in number, but the quantity isn’t being boosted at the cost of quality. Every framework is an improvement over the previous version and every version leaves enough scope for further enhancement and evolvement. Each of these frameworks have paved way for some cutting edge solutions that have helped companies make a serious claim to be reliable app providers to their growing set of customers.

The suite of advantages associated with PHP make it more utilizable and these advantages also keep growing in number by the hour. The constant upgrades in the PHP realm is empowering the programmers to eye bigger and better goals, ones that were unfathomable a few years back and are still unimaginable with the other programming and web development frameworks out there.

The functionality of the PHP frameworks is further boosted by the ensemble of plugins, modules and extensions that are easily available to any developer. These extensions make it a breeze for any programmer to proactively add some advanced attributes to their apps. These extensions contain of blocks of code that are in built. And this means that developers don’t have to write them and this saves a lot of development time as well.

Now, the question that might bother a range of companies is how to ensure quality application development. With so much competition out there, you cannot afford PHP solutions that fall any short on quality front. This is why they need people to develop applications for them that are nothing short of highly unique and boiled with exceptional attributes. And this is where the need to hire good talent arises from. The companies must hire people they deem fit for developing complex  applications that are best-fit for their business.

Join the PHP communities to keep an eye on the most active members of these communities which will give you a fair idea of how you can get the best people on board. But, if hiring isn’t your cup of tea, go ahead and opt for outsourcing. Thanks to the present trend, outsourcing has emerged to be THE choice for the web development companies worldwide. Not only it saves them ton of money which they would have otherwise spent on hiring web development personnel, but it also saves them the infrastructure cost which goes in several thousands and lakhs.

Therefore, when quality and economical web application development is what you seek, you should not look beyond PHP. And for quality PHP development, outsourcing is unquestionably the best option – one with a truckload of benefits for your business.

PHP Benefits and How to Channelize Them For Your Business

Helping you to engineer web applications of the most sophisticated features and functionalities, PHP is a platform much in demand today. And the reasons for it are hardly unknown.

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As a web development platform, PHP has powered web developers break into the most uncharted territories and come out with applications that are most unique, and singularly most amazing. On its course, PHP has given us a great choice in terms of the platforms we wish to use. All these platforms have their own utility for the developers and the end-users. The versatility they can lend to the apps is incredible and so is the robustness that you achieve for your web development solutions. The most popular and trusted PHP frameworks on this date include:

  • Zend
  • PHPDevShell
  • QPHP
  • Laravel
  • CakePHP
  • Prado
  • Symfony2
  • CodeIgniter
  • Yii
  • Aura
  • Zoop
  • Phalcon

Each of the above mentioned frameworks packs its own unique punch. One of the common attributes with all the frameworks here is that they are easy to code and work with. The code structures in these frameworks are designed such that they don’t interfere with the programming experience of the developer in the respect that they don’t throw intricate style of coding that is necessary in other platforms. Instead, coding in PHP is something that is easy to learn. As for mastering it, PHP has such a wide and extensive platform that there is something new to every day, even if you believe you are a connoisseur of it.

Also, the fact that perches them pretty high on popularity charts is the availability of several programming extensions and plugins that further extend their capabilities beyond the standard and default features you have learn about. These extensions are not only powerful, but they are too versatile and too far reaching in terms of the wherewithal they can hand you with. But the biggest advantage of these extensions is that they reduce the necessity of writing codes for every function you wish to introduce or inject in the app. The extensions, by the virtue of being loaded with exceptional features, fuel your website up with certain attributes which under a normal state of affairs require a heap of code to be written and complied. And this is why their importance is multiplied for the developer community by and large. Also due to the reason that these extensions are available easily and most of them are available free of cost, they are more and more sought-after by the developer community.

Talking of developers, the only way you can extract the best out of this platform is when you hand the project over to people who know their job well enough to carry it out with dexterity and in an output-driven manner. Even though the framework is easy to learn and work on, the competition has meant that companies no longer have time as a luxury to train people on the technology and hope that they will learn and develop superior applications. They need to get their hands at the best of the resources in order to make the stride forward.

So, irrespective of the method they are using to hire people, what they need is focus on quality. Even if they are going by the traditional way of hiring by posting job vacancies on public portals, they must have a number of hiring personnel in order to meticulously scan each applicant on quality and capability. Also, they would need to give themselves a larger time window if they need to ensure that the process is carried out in a manner that no body is hurrying on any aspect whatsoever.

The hiring managers should also look for the PHP developers on the forums and communities that exist on web. At such places, they can find numerous options in terms of quality and reliability. Thus, it is only obvious that when there is a focus on quality, these communities can prove to be extremely handy.

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PHP Benefits and How to Channelize Them For Your Business

What Makes PHP is so Incredibly Valuable

PHP Development has without a doubt transfigured and reengineered the way web software applications were developed. And with the PHP frameworks establishing an even stronger presence in the market, the significance of PHP is only going to be multiplied with the course of time. The ground breaking features and the wherewithal of this platform has meant that developers have got more room for innovating and exercising their skills to achieve higher, and more unlikely goals. It has become more feasible with build applications that are unique and exclusive and this is the reason why so many development companies have been resorting to it.
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And as the time and the development realm grows, the frameworks in PHP is also reinventing itself to adapt to the new changes and the vibrancy of development. Thanks to the growing popularity, the companies have been increasingly adopting the platform as their platform of choice and this is where they need quality developers who can do the said job without hassles.

So, what are the specific advantages of using PHP for developing applications of the highest wherewithal and functionalities?

  • Seamless Coding

Despite being a powerful platform for the taking, PHP boasts of some exceptional code structure that is actually easy to work with and work on. The seamless manner that it promotes for developing impressive applications is something that really makes it a very popular software platform and encourages developers to adopt it for establishing a foothold in the field of web application development. As for those who are already established programmers, things get easier for them when they are planning to inject some high profile features into their apps which are innovative and elevate their enterprise to new heights for the sheer uniqueness they bring to the business.

  • Several Extensions and Scripts

the plugins and extensions of PHP further boost its standing in the development realm as the developers lap these extensions with a very keen desire. These library scripts and extensions simply their exercise of developing high power applications that can produce desirous results with a breeze and a high end capability. These extensions make the PHP platform even more powerful and the job of creating multifarious apps even more feasible and easier. Because they are per-loaded with amazing features, the developers do not have to write long codes for injecting each app with certain set of features.

  • Intrusion-Protected

The PHP framework developers truly understand what kind of threat are their applications under when they are on the Internet. And this is why the PHP frameworks are equipped with some remarkable security and authentication features which make it extremely hard to hack or intrude into the system, with any intentions like injecting bugs in the program and rendering the project worthless or getting hold of some confidential information.

There are a number of apparent reasons which are responsible for lending such a high level of importance to PHP as a web application development platform. Adopt it as your favored platform and avail these benefits yourself.

How PHP Helps You take a Firm Grasp on Web Development

As web development continues to take giant leaps towards advancement, PHP development is being relied upon increasingly. This web development platform happens to be the best source of creating futuristic applications that do not skimp on user-friendliness either.

PHP HelpsPHP has turned into a massively popular platform that takes the usability and applicability quotient of software applications to a whole new level. Among the most modern and sophisticated web development tools, PHP is essentially a server side scripting language that has off-late being accepted by a growing breadth of audience.

Some of the most popular platforms of PHP include:

  • Symfony 2
  • CakePHP
  • Zend
  • CodeIgniter
  • Yii
  • Kohana
  • Pear
  • Laravel
  • Phalcon

Each of these frameworks is aimed at making the development exercise simpler and more rewarding for the web developers, who are incessantly in search of platforms that would give them the free rein to create the most unique and avant-garde applications. Not only the PHP frameworks give them that wherewithal, they also make it much simpler for the developers to march ahead towards their goal.

Let us take a closer look on the factors that fuel this platform to be the number one web development platform today:

  • PHP can be used for websites made on diversified open source platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. This platform adds further dynamism and flair to the websites that already have a suite of options at their behest. Some small PHP codes can be appended with the capabilities of different CMSs to give the respective website a unique appeal in terms of the features it is equipped with, and the visual interface it flaunts.
  • PHP is a developer-friendly platform that does not confuse the web developers with obscure codes that comprise of convoluted codes and syntax. As the syntax is easier to understand and apply, it goes a long way in saving developer’s time and efforts. They find it a more amicable job to embed additional features as those features won’t add any further layer of intricacy to the application.
  • The easy code structure of PHP framework and applications also helps the developers who are in the beginners’ stage to understand the PHP codes with more clarity. And this is one of the primary reasons we are witnessing this spike in the number of PHP developers to have made their way into the programming ambit.
  • The PHP frameworks and the applications developed on them are highly scalable and flexible. And this is something that lends developers with incredible customization capability to tailor the web applications they develop to a great extent. Also, as and when there is a fluctuating trend on the development realm that in some way turns your applications’ features obsolete, you can use the PHP’s scalability to modify the application to suit those trends.
  • When it comes to hiring the PHP developers, that is also one exercise that tosses at you several options. PHP is a platform that is getting popular in the web development community, and thus, there are more and more programmers looking to make a career in this realm. Therefore, when you are recruiting developers for your PHP powered project, you have an assortment of choices at your behest. However, this assortment also contains a lot of inefficient programmers who may not be attuned to your requirements fully. And thus, you need the right talent on board in order to be assured that your project is being served by the right minds. Thereby, the hiring process has to be characterized by meticulousness. That said, owing to PHP’s popularity, the developers communities on the Internet contain a large number of reliable PHP developers who come with years of experience backing their skills. You can search for the developers you need within these communities. All you need to do is to study the portfolios of these developers and gauge if they are the right people for your project requirement.

PHP as a programming platform is headed for greater advancements. Being a part of this technology, you can leverage several benefits that can give you the wherewithal to dictate your projects’ direction in a manner most empowered and effective.